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Good Morning you lovely lot

I’m not sure I could get any more alliterative with that title….so without further ado I am SO excited and pleased to be able to hand you over to the gorgeous Mrs Moore who is just dying to show you how to create all kinds of wedding pretty…

(pictures by Hannah Mia Photography)


Hey there beautiful peeps!


I’m Rebecca and I’m going to be your guide to all things DIY!
But before I jump straight into my first crafty post, let me tell you a little about myself….


So this June saw me finally marry my gorgeous hubby (Eeeeeee! Still get excited saying that!) in what can only be described as a mash up of art deco, glitter and craft! Yup, not your average wedding theme but nevertheless perfectly us!


I have always loved a bit of craft. I remember spending time as a little one making my mum cross stitch presents and making wool pom-poms (yes I am excited at their return!) but then I lost my way as a teen and did nothing, except adapt a pair of jeans to make giant flares with triangles of dodgy burgundy material (yup there were as awful as they sound! Ha!). Then came the wedding and my crafty side was back! I wanted to make EVERYTHING for the wedding! I had lists and lists of craft projects, and although I wasn’t able to complete every single project (to be fair I think I may have slightly over estimated my time!), seeing the bits I had made all come together was THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!


But now I was hooked and the wedding was over……what on earth was I going to do with myself?!!! And that girlies is where the wonderful Miss Vix stepped in!


So introductions over, let me get on with my first crafty adventure…….


Guys, if you don’t have any Washi tape (paper tape) yet then you need to get yourself some pronto! Seriously, this stuff is amazing and is possibly THE easiest way to inject a bit of personality into your day, just look at all these simple but effective ways of using Washi tape


Picture credits (clockwise from top left): Style Serendipity / Kara’s Party Ideas / I Am Doe / My Sister’s Suitcase  / Kara’s Party Ideas  / Brooklyn Bride


So for my first project I am going to start really easy and show you how to make Washi tape cupcake flags and cocktail stirrers. They are really quick and easy to make and all you need is


  • cocktail sticks
  • bamboo sticks (I got mine off eBay)
  • various rolls of Washi tape
  • scissors & pliers


You can pick Washi tape up in all sorts of shops (from Hobbycraft  & Paperchase –  to eBay & Amazon)


All you need to do is measure out your Washi tape against your cocktail stick or bamboo stick, you want to have a decent amount either side of your stick so your flag doesn’t look too small (here mine are about 2-2.5cm either side for the cocktail sticks and about 3cm either side for the bamboo sticks)




Next you just fold the Washi tape around the stick and press together tightly. This is your basic flag.
Then you can either leave them as they are or cut them into shapes, here I have cut some into a point to create triangular flags and also cut triangles out of the end to make an alternative flag shape.



Lastly for the cocktail stirrers you will probably need to cut the bamboo sticks down to size (you don’t want your guests poking their eyes out while sipping their yummy cocktail!). To do this, just measure against one of the glasses you’ll be using (or one of a similar size) and use a pair of pliers to cut the end off (note: be careful, when I was trimming ours the ends were flying off all over the place!)


And there you have it, simple Washi Tape cupcake flags & matching cocktail stirrers


(“How-To” photography by Gosia Szostakiewicz) 


Have any of you used or are going to use Washi tape in your big day decor?  How did you use it? We love hearing all your tips here at Show Me The Pretty.


And don’t forget to send us pictures!


Mrs M x


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  • Jen - How have I not come across this before?! Will definitely be investing in some Washi tape to make all manner of things pretty. Thanks Mrs M! xReplyCancel

  • Mrs M! - @Michelle – Washi tape bunting for a Christmas tree sounds amazing! Send me pictures if you do make some :-)ReplyCancel

  • Mrs M! - Stef, I’m sure we can find something you can use it for!
    Am now off to hunt for antler/stag themed Washi tape! 😉 xxx

    Ps. Thanks for the lovely commentReplyCancel

  • Stef - Amazing! So simple but so effect a craft. Great step by step photos, really easy to follow. Good work Mrs M!

    I have to admit I am yet to find a use in my wedding crafts for such tape but with over 7 months there is plenty of time!

    Looking forward to more,
    x x xReplyCancel

  • michelle - I really struggled to find washi tape in the limited time I decided I wanted to use it.
    wedding is over but I’m tempted to get crafty for christmas.

    maybe washi tape bunting for the tree.ReplyCancel

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